Sunday, January 17, 2016

Day #22: Fishing Tournament!

Saturday was a great day in Stardust Town..~! 

The fishing tournament was today. We had to catch the biggest Bass. I spent about an hour fishing and my final fish was 46 inches!

As the tourney ended, We headed off for the ceremony which started at 6 pm. It was located in center square with Chip as our host.

Jambette came in 2nd place! and Boomer came in 3rd place, and I came into first place!!! It was really exciting!

Then finally, Chip announced that I won first place!!!! I was so happy! and for placing first, I was awarded the Golden Trophy.

We were all happy and celebrated our Trophy wins! lots of confetti and clapping. Sadly, Soleil was missing from the ceremony :(

As I was leaving the tent, I saw Phineas standing outside a nearby home, I approached him and he said I deserved a badge~! and I got the Village Representative Badge!

I was in the best mood and just Glowing away with pride! and dear Deirdre, she congratulated me on my first place win.

Boomer also congratulated me on my win, he was upset that he won 3rd, but I told him it was okay and that he still did really well.

Jambette was really happy for me as well =^_^=

Shortly, after all the congrats and surprises, I stopped by Julian's house to visit. He really likes Anime and Anime music... Hmmm..I thought this was a quite interesting conversation.

I chopped down two trees blocking the path. Both of them had a special design. One is a four leaf clover design, and the other was a swirly pattern. I kept both of them and thought they are nice stumps to take a quick break on! I did catch Jambette sleeping on this same stump.

Another great thing that happened today was that Kicks opened up on Main Street! :) 

I bought purple and white polka dotted shoes and purple long socks. I also changed my outfit (not this one pictured) to match. Ill upload another photo soon! :)

Overall, the day ended nicely, and I was happy to earn another badge and to win the fishing tournament! yipee!

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