Monday, January 11, 2016

AC:New Leaf Day #17

This week was back to college for me! I am very excited and cannot wait. I am almost to my official graduation date, so yippee!

Today in Stardust, I wanted to see if my QR machine opened up in Able Sisters, and low and behold! it did! I was so excited! I can officially create and download codes ^_^. If I can only get an Axe, I can chop down trees and make my paths.

As I am walking back to town hall, I noticed an Igloo! I decided to step inside and see what it was all about, It was a traveler named, Soleil! She asked if she could move to Stardust, I told her, please do! She seems super cute and would be a nice addition to the town!

After I visted Soleil, it was time for the completion of Bridge #3 ceremony! lots of confetti and clapping went on. It was really cute!

My day completed with visiting the Island to catch more bugs and fish to sell for Bells. 

I was super tired last night to get ready for school, so I didn't get to catch many bugs/fish. Tomorrow will be another day and much more after after my work is done! I hope everyone has a spectacular Monday!

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