Friday, January 15, 2016

Day #21: Long Post

Since classes have started this week, I have been a bit behind on posting about my town. Sorry for that! So lets get started!

What's New:
  • Garden Shop opened up
  • KICKS is being built as we speak
  • Dream Suit was payed off and will be here tomorrow
  • Club LOL will be on Main Street hopefully before Monday! 
  • Added paths in my town! (which I did change them to a different style after these photos were taken..) ><;

The day started out with Shrunk outside my front door, He asked if I wanted to gather 6 signatures to open up a club called, Club LOL! I was right on it! My villagers were super excited and signed the petition right away! hopefully it will be in town soon.

Soleil moved in! Shes super cute, has a bit of an attitude, but its okay! I really like her. I think Boomer might move out. I accidently told him to "see ya!" and I didn't mean to.. :( we will see..

Another project was completed! yay! One of my villagers wanted a Stone Tablet, so I decided it would work out around the Campground!

Purrl wanted to play hide in seek later that day, and I won! haha. It was fun! :) 

Katrina also came and I got my fortune told... she said to look out for an animal print top... Hmmmm.. guess we will see! the other day I had really bad luck.. I was tripping all over the place. Thank goodness its gone now!

Later on, I was adding paths close down the beach and I saw Mr. Gulliver just snoozing away. He wanted to know where he was last, which had Alpacas and mountains of some sort lol. It was too funny! Hopefully, I guessed it correctly!

Finally, after a long filled day, it day ended with a meteor shower! I got lucky enough to take a good screenshot of the star shooting above! It was really neat to see and my villagers were excited to see it too!

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